About me

I’m Pierre Stark – life coach driven to deliver results. I’m devoted to putting my all into every moment, living a life where my full potential is realized. Happy and forever fulfilled, regrets do not exist in my world. Experiences, actions, and immersions which are shaped by choice, transforming the ordinary into a unique creation perfectly paired to my own happiness & self-worth. The only thing that brings me more joy is inspiring others to do the same, reaching their own pinnacles of prosperity & well-being. Let me give you an overview of who I am, what I do, and how I can help you.


Born in France, I’m formally educated in management and have spent most of my life working abroad as a French expat. Slovakia is my home and has been since 2015. There are few things as rewarding as exploring new frontiers, discovering the culture & society of people and places foreign to me. Each experience is incredibly enriching and forever adds a broadened scope and appreciation for the differences that unite us.


Languages are a personal passion. While I forever continue to advance my skills by learning new languages, I’m fluent in English, French and Italian. You’re free to chat to me in any of these three that you’re most comfortable with.


The pursuit of living the best life that I can and of helping others do the same is what I care about the most. I always trust my feelings, relying on a combination of keen logic and gut instinct to constantly drive forward towards greater things.


I understand the burden of anxiety and depression. I transformed a life of living on antidepressants and self-help guides to an existence which is fulfilling in every moment. With fear finally overcome, every opportunity is now mine to seize allowing me to truly realize – and actualize, my dreams.

About Pierre

In 2015, I found myself down and depression, suffering a life of unhappiness and drudgery. The constant burden of a high-pressure consulting job pressed me to my breaking point. Eventually, I decided to free myself and pursue what I really felt like doing. I moved to Slovakia, a decision which in hindsight is the best choice I ever could have made. Ever since, I’ve been allowed to discover who I truly am, and what it is that I want. Broken free from my patterns, habits, and everything that I had grown complacent with, I found myself living my very own renaissance. I discovered the deepest depths of my soul’s aspirations, realizing dreams I never knew I had and parts of myself that I never thought to look for. The next part of living my true purpose and attaining my dreams was setting up this life coaching practice. From this platform, I now help those who are searching for happiness and fulfillment, people tied to tethers of fear, indecision & self-doubt. My dream to help you find yours is now a realization, letting others discover the truth of their own desires and peaks of personal potential. If I can do it, so can you. If you’re in search of a coach who is fuelled by not only passion and purpose but compassion as well, a coach who values humor as much as he does humanity, and someone who believes that you deserve and can get far more out of life than you already are, then contact me today. Together, we can begin to look within determining the goals needed to manifest your dreams into reality, the plan that’ll put you on the road to purpose, passion, and the power of choice.


Among the myriad of specialists of my profession, I can call myself a real, down to earth life coach. Why? Because in short, I’ve been there. Like you, I have tried things that didn’t work and wasted time and money on books, courses, and gurus that make false promises and leave you spiraling into despondency.


I demanded help delivering lasting results rather than minor improvements to motivation and creative thinking that quickly left me feeling lacking and disappointed by the reversion back to my default quality of life. I needed a program to turn my life around evolving the here, and now into a life I loved living


I had an unrelenting sense of dissatisfaction and a restless notion of sadness that accompanied everything I did, making me feel as if others had all the answers while I was left powerless – the by-product of a universe that just didn’t care or somehow had it in for me


Like so many of us, I had been plagued by a string of unfortunate consequences leading to crisis after crisis in my life – from divorce to depression, complete confusion in my career and relationships, family tragedy, and a spiral of self-doubt – I had to find the help of a coach before I reached a point of frustration where regret, resentment and frowns of disdain became hard-wired to my being