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You’re done with freebies & buying courses…

You know that what you’ve got to offer is going to change lives but you stuck trying to piece the puzzle together. 

You’ve signed up for every list. Listened to hours of podcasts and tutorials but you’re still missing something!

You know about all of the online trends in Self-help… 

You want to learn how to start using proven strategies and systems that will take you exactly where YOU want to go in your life. 

You have several BIG, Audacious Goals for your Life… 

And you know that once you have that big picture of how exactly you are going to build your perfect Life… You’ll make it happen.
It’s time to stop waiting and reach for your dreams! 
Ready to invest on yourself?


It’s time to get the strategy you need to create the Success YOU want. Map out your goals for RESULTS. You’ll work one-on-one with me, Pierre Stark, to make it happen. I’ve worked hands-on with people to transform their life. 
You’ve probably invested in courses and training before, but this is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. It is all about moving forward in your Life. No one-size fits all strategies. No big promises with no-follow through. And no bullshit. It’s you and me working together on you and your Life. It’s more than coaching or mentoring. It’s an experience that will truly transform You forever.
Sure, you can go it alone, but how’s that been working for you? 
You deserve more, and you need to create results that match your AMBITION TO SUCCEED. Turn your dreams into reality.
Let’s create a plan for YOUR audacious success.

WHO IS My on Call Coaching for ?

If you’re looking to join my Program “Change Now, you Can!” without doing the work, you’ve got another thing coming. In fact, sign up for another e-course that you won’t finish. That might sound harsh but…

Change Now, you Can! is more than another program, it’s a high-touch commitment through daily communication to transform your life and yourself while getting down and dirty. 

We’ll be mapping out your empire, banging out strategy to match it with the end being your plan for a better Life. 

Own it, Ace it! is perfect for you if you’re: 


Someone on a mission to make a turning point in your Life and Others.


a go-getter with a business who simply wants more.


a well-kept secret and it’s time for you to own your expert status with the power of publicity working for you.


committed to being successful and once you have the plan you’ll hustle like a mofo to make it happen.

It’s going to be intense. But the kind of intense that you feel when you fall head over heels in love. You’ll be pumping with fierce, positive energy that makes you want to tell everyone you know how freaking awesome you are. 

Most importantly, you’ll be ready to take the world by storm, or at least your little slice of it.

WHY YOU NEED “Change Now, you Can!”

As everybody, too often we do things on our own. But smarts and gut instinct will only get you and your Dreams so far.

Quite frankly, isn’t all that being sassy and strong on your own totally exhausting? If you truly are committed to shift your Life,doing what you were born to do, you will never get there by being stuck in your own head.

Moreover, is sitting on your potential undermining your confidence?

You dream of a Life that’ll make an impact. You want freedom to live on your terms and with your values at all times.

People who don’t know their unique value don’t have enough focus to achieve their Dreams. Instead they drift in life with no Goals.

“You can’t plow a field simply by turning it over in your mind.”

― Gordon B. Hinckley

Change Now, You can! is designed to help you  create vision and action for the future, working side-by-side through daily communication.

When you sign up for Change Now, You can!, we’ll create your individualized kick-ass plan during our for the journey ahead that you can implement as soon as your Change Now, You can! program begins. 


Change Now, You can! is about more than creating plans for your Life. It’s about creating a mindset where you are truly empowered and ready to be bigger and better.


right now in your business with


This program is limited to only 10 clients per month, so you never have to worry about my attention being spread too thin.

Virtual Coaching on Call Application

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