How does your cancellation policy work?

All video coaching sessions via Skype, WhatsApp, and Facebook are subject to a 24-hour cancellation policy. Coaching can be canceled if the arrangement is made at least 24-hours in advance. Any cancellations or changes requested with less than 24-hours’ notice are not eligible for replacement or refund. Bespoke training in person is bound to the arrangements stated in the written contract.

Is group training offered?

Certainly. Group training is a possibility. My services are shaped to give the best value to one or two people, but bespoke private programs can be arranged for executives and other group environments.

What do I need to do to get started?

In-person coaching is available on request. Please call, message or mail me.

Coaching or training via Skype, Facebook, and WhatsApp are booked and paid in advance from my services page. I do not display my entire availability on the online calendar, so be sure to give me a call if you’re looking for a specific time slot to suit your schedule. At times, short-notice availability is also provided, so please check in.

You are requested to complete a short questionnaire before we have our live video session. The questionnaire should be received at least 24-hours before we speak. Please keep this in consideration while scheduling your first life coaching or training session. Spend as much or as little time as you want but remember that the preparation helps you get the most from each live session. Some people spend well over an hour filling in the questionnaire, but we recommend a minimum of 10-minutes at least.

Which languages is coaching offered in?

Coaching and training are offered in English and French by default. At times, we work with an interpreter when training or coaching bespoke programs in person. We’re very familiar with working with people who don’t speak English as a first language and would like to reassure you that you’ll always be comfortable.


Which country’s cultures do you cover?

Our introduction to intercultural communication training features cultures from numerous countries across the world. Expatriate Transition Training is not specific to any culture or nationality, allowing us to work with expats in the process of relocating to or from any country at all. My coaching services are based in Paris, but I specialize in cultural training pertaining to the United Kingdom, France, and Central Europe.

Cultural training for other countries are not offered by default – I specialize in what I offer. However, my network of associates includes experts from countries around the world. Certain bespoke training programs will involve the help of experts from nations such as Brazil, Russia, and India when needed.

Is pre or post-arrival training recommended for international assignments?

Both types of training offer unique advantages. The best training depends largely upon your personal feeling concerning relocation, and how busy you anticipate your schedu8le to be upon arrival. My first recommendation is normally post-arrival Expat Transition Training or a combination of coaching sessions before you depart and follow-up coaching when you arrive. Regardless of which training you opt for, it is advisable to meet within the first few months of relocation. Nonetheless, many people still find that coaching helps their lives immensely even after several months of staying aboard. If you’ve got any questions or uncertainties, I’m always happy to advise.

If I am relocating with my spouse/partner, should we take the training together?

Expatriate Transition Training as a couple if a wonderfully rewarding experience that allows you both to gain an external overview of the practicalities involved in your move. The reflections on your relocation opens up a world of new understanding as partners and lets you decide together what the next best move may be.

However, if you’re troubled by individual concerns or need training for your professional life or a deeply set emotional concern like security and satisfaction for your spouse in a new country, solo sessions may be better. I can, even more, a combination of sessions for you two as a couple and individually. It all depends on which approach you prefer and need most.

Life Coaching

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is completely different from traditional therapy and counseling. It’s also not the same thing as mentoring. A life coach doesn’t need to be familiar with your profession, nor your specific area of expertise. A coach spends most of your session asking you questions. This is something that you need to be ready for. Years of experience have taught me that my clients already have the answers to their questions inside, or at least know what to do and where to find them. A life coach presents you with a whole new set of questions, a fresh perspective to pick up on things that you may have overlooked. From self-doubt and indecision to unhealthy habits, patterns, and beliefs that no longer serve you, a coach is there to listen. I help you see the opportunities unique to your life and life skills. Please read through my blog get a better idea of who I am and the type of approach I use in life.

As a trained and experienced life coach, I want to clarify that I do not provide traditional psychotherapy. My coaching works with you to discover what is needed most in your life, what steps are best taken to improve your emotional, physical and mental health, and how you can transform stress into enthusiasm and a balanced life. Cognitive behavioral therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Ericksonian Hypnosis are my primary modalities. Choice is freedom and the most powerful tool that we possess. Choose to change the way that you think and your entire life will change for the better.

How does life coaching via Skype work?

Life coaching in person and life coaching via a Skype, Facebook or Whatsapp video call are exactly the same, carrying the same insights and benefits. Many people prefer the convenience and comfort of being coached remotely over having to travel. There is no better solution for someone with a busy life.

Many of my clients come from a background of tradition face-to-face life coaching. Once they tried a video session via Skype, it was impossible to go back to conventional coaching.

Why do people work with a life coach, and when do I need coaching?

Life coaching is susceptible to a few misconceptions. Firstly, life coaching isn’t only there for the bad times when things aren’t going as planned only. High achieving individuals ranging from popular politicians such as Bill Clinton to superstar athletes like Michael Jordan and Coby Bryant all attribute much of their success to working with a life coach.

All clients share one common trait no matter which type of coaching they receive – they all have dedicated time and resources to their goals and priorities. Find out more about how life coaching helps you get direction and reach your aspirations in the Coaching section of my website.

Which type of coaching do I need - executive, personal, or expatriate?

Even though personal and professional coaching typically merge in discussions, the focus for each session should be different based on what you want help with, and what needs discussion. The focus of coaching changes depending on what area requires attention. However, executive coaching funded by a business or other enterprise holds fixed objectives. IN this case, coaching will always follow the guidelines and input of the company booking the course.

Expatriates are asked to specify that they are expats when booking coaching or training. Even though our topics blend personal and professional interests to facilitate clear direction, expatriates do benefits from a coach who has experience as an expat. The hindsight and insight gained from working in another country as an expat allows the coach to help your transition and adjustment occur much smoother.

How long are your life coaching sessions? How many do I need, and how often do I need coaching?

Life coaching sessions generally last an hour. However, there is no fixed cut-off — nothing as impersonal and uncaring as a sharp one-hour alarm which ends the coaching. I only coach ten clients at once which guarantees that I always have enough time and focus to help every person properly.

Is life coaching offered in person?

I provide life coaching and training services to clients all around the world via Skype, Facebook, and Whatsapp. I’m also capable of traveling within the EU or to other international locations for bespoke coaching and training arranged in advanced. Feel free to contact me with any custom requests for in-person coaching.

Expectations / How life coaching works:

1. Use the contact form above to contact me with any questions you may have, and to set up your introductory session.
2. If we choose to work together after the introductory session, you’ll be able to book your weekly appointments times online.
3. You’ll receive the necessary forms to fill out prior to our first video session which you then need to mail back to me.
4. I send you a bill via email for the coaching or training services, paid in advance.
5. You then receive my email address, Skype name, Facebook contact or WhatsApp invite depending on which type of conferencing you prefer. Please provide at least one alternative in case of platform failure.
6. You receive coaching or training once per week until my services are no longer needed. Coaching conventionally lasts an average of six months to a year.
7. The life coaching agreement is evaluated after our initial session and a complete discussion helping you get the most out of your coaching .
8. With all of your wants and needs apparent, we establish a framework of topics that need to be addressed based on the areas of the highest importance to you.
9. Your monthly membership can be canceled at any time.
10. I reserve the right to terminate membership at any time.
11. You will be informed in advance if I am unable to meet for our weekly session and you’ll be able to reschedule to a time that suits you best
12. Professionalism and a warm, compassionate approach is always supplied. While always kind, I remain direct enough to make the most of our time together. Clear goals are set for each session as I tactfully guide you to inner resolution.

13. Regular “homework” is assigned and must be completed. This includes reading and research which is a huge asset to time management and organizational success. I expect you to be ready to work on your established goals, prepared for the coaching, insight, and commentary to come.


Anyone interested in beginning a coaching relationship with me is offered a complimentary, zero-obligation 30-minute introductory session. This dual-purpose session serves two main functions

1. You – the potential client is awarded the opportunity to get to know me, listen to my approach to coaching, pose any questions, and get a first-hand feeling of the flow of my online coaching program

2. Me – As a life coach,I am allowed to see who you are at a personal level, and evaluate what you need help with. This is a fantastic opportunity to evaluate your intentions, expectations, and the degree which my skill-set and insight can assist you.

If you are comfortable with my personality and coaching approach at the end of your introductory session, then you decide the next step.

What experience can I expect?

Throughout the full duration of coaching, you can look forward to a warm, supportive environment that looks at you and your life as a complete picture. There is nothing that needs to be fixed, but there is limitless potential to be discovered as I encourage you to connect to the core of your being and experience immersion in the fullness of life

Every one of my processes is designed to reward you with a broader perspective, a perception that uses every angle available to look at life. With the full scope of opportunity at your disposal, you’ll discover things that were impossible to see before. My coaching will challenge you. It will give you homework – things to read, things to learn, and exercises to do. They grant you a perception which uses every angle available to consider life. Above all else, confidentiality is valued. Confidentiality is a core component of all successful coaching. It allows you to share your deepest thoughts and desires without fear of judgment or condemnation. Together, we’ll work through blockages and identify all of the areas that you need to develop, leaving you open and clear to live a life of confidence. No matter what pain you may be going through, or what challenges you fear ahead, I can help you enjoy the transition and always get the best out of whatever you are experiencing.

You can live a life of power and purpose, driven by the heart toward the total realization of your dreams!