My approach to executive and life coaching

My life coaching is empowering, allowing you to discover your own inner confidence, heightened focus, and the energy and enthusiasm to act on your decisions. Coaching helps you reach a place of freedom and balance within your work and home life. The only thing that unlocking your potential requires is the will and persistence to uncover the things that are holding you back. This will call forth and challenge long-held beliefs conditioned into place, and self-talk which holds you in a state of stagnation or dissatisfaction without once being heard.

I’ve found through years of experience that blockages typically have a far higher resonance in alternate areas of life that most realize. As we work through your individual challenges, you’re in complete control of where support is provided. Whether the focus is personal or business is up to you. No matter where attention is given, you’re always brought to a clear understanding of what matters the most. This makes even the smallest changes create an intensely beneficial impact on your life and the lives of those around you.

My secret to successful coaching

The foundation of my life coaching success is grounded in self-realization and the power that comes from knowing yourself. As we work together, total clarity is reached which becomes a springboard for success and a world without resistance and regret. Without the interference of a noisy mind cluttering your inner-voice, the true scope of your confidence allows every choice in your life to make an impact. Whichever issues or challenges you bring to my attention during coaching become a focal point for change, allowing coaching to give you the value & benefits that you want and need.

My one-on-one executive and life coaching sets you a path for success, but mainstream success is not a part of the process. Your value as an individual does not hinge upon external validation and the opinion of others. Your worth is not tied to objects, opinions and other ‘things’. Chasing success based on the idea of another or a preconceived notion is a perpetual path of resistance and unattainable dreams. True success is self-defined and self-confined. No external factor is needed. It lies deep within needing nothing more than your own self-realization to unlock your true potential. You don’t reach success, achievement and status are not goals of the heart. They may come as a logical byproduct of reaching a fullness of self, but it is not the focus of my coaching.

I get it, I’ve been there

Just to clarify matters, I’m in no way against guiding and supporting commercial and material wants and goals. In actual fact, attaining success in a material sense is a very important part of what is offered because this is what the real world calls for. A decade of my life was spent as a professional investment consultant making up a part of a five-person panel shark tank. I get it. This is why I always draw upon my years of business experience and corporate insight to aid my coaching. Personal fulfillment and the greatest sense of success is not found atop a career ladder. Yes, you do need security, a balanced state of finances, and enough to live comfortably, but these things come about as a result of your own internal worth. Success doesn’t have a status symbol, and no single person can confine success to borders. The only thing that I am opposed to is spreading the ill-conceived, repressive notion that success and self-worth rely on anything other than you. Choice is power.

Open, honest and dedicated to change

There is no one coaching method, tool or approach that I value over any other. Restriction is not a part of my holistic approach to executive and life coaching. I use all of my skills and experiences as a traveler, investor, entrepreneur, athlete, optimist, and certified life coach. The only way to help you reach the whole of your potential is to use the whole of myself and everything that I have at my disposal. There are no half-measures.

My coaching utilizes an approach which engages both the mind and body. We move beyond conventional conversation and vocal coaching, interfacing with the mind through visual and spatial mapping techniques, and Ericksonian hypnosis. Objects, emotions, visualizations, and remodeling are used in combination with linguistic reasoning to unlock a fresh perspective and your full potential. With these tools, you’ll be able to move past blockages when pure self-talk and other linguistic reasoning exercises are simply ineffective.

Coaching is a close partnership which is built on a foundation of honesty and shared trust, allowing me to challenge that which no longer serves you while supporting you at the very same time. Book a zero-obligation free consultation today to find out more.